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Hello, friends! Baubles & Blessings is currently on shipping hiatus. My spouse had multiple strokes in May. I had to move us into a tiny ground floor studio which doesn't yet have a workspace for me. I'm also currently jumping through hoops to become AJ's home care aide after being with them in the hospital and becoming a full time unpaid caregiver since they came home from inpatient rehab in August. Please only order at this time if you are okay with a completely open-ended delivery date. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

If you'd like to help us come up with the funds to pay for my certification classes and survive until I start getting paychecks, please consider checking out my GoFundMe or supporting my Patreon in the meantime.

Much love and brightest blessings to you all! I look forward to returning, refreshed and inspired, as soon as I am able.

Baubles & Blessings only collects the information necessary to complete orders, and to deliver email communications to those who have opted in here. Your information will never be sold to any other party; nor will it be shared in any other way with anyone other than the service providers used in the course of processing orders or maintaining email communications.

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Please feel free to get in touch with any further concerns you may have.