Chunky "Proud Pagan" Stretch Bracelet with Prehnite, Small: 7"

Chunky "Proud Pagan" Stretch Bracelet with Prehnite, Small: 7"

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This lovely bracelet features chunky 10mm prehnite beads. Like everything I make, this piece is made with love and infused with Reiki. It would make a lovely set of prayer beads.

The medium size has a small quartz bead on either side of the crimp cover/knot. This enables me to offer a wider variety of common sizes.

The laser engraved charm and crimp cover are hypoallergenic stainless steel.

The internal diameter of the bracelet is just about 7". It should comfortably fit wrists up to 6.75".

Prehnite encourages spiritual growth and can provide help in reaching out to inhabitants of the spirit realms, including helpful elemental beings. Helpful with sealing the energetic body and preventing leaks. As a stone connected to both the heart and solar plexus chakras, prehnite is wonderful for connecting your heart's desire with your own will. Wear or keep nearby to foster joy and serenity. May also help develop or strengthen psychic gifts, including general intuition and visualization, manifestation or achieving deep meditation. May help improve general memory and dream recall. May help improve symptoms related to the immune system, metabolism, high blood pressure and ailments of the lungs. Encourages compassion, forgiveness and release of unhelpful emotions.

All of my stretchy bracelets are strung on pre-stretched, latex-free clear cord. I tie these bracelets with a surgeon's knot, plus an extra knot on top. I then use jewelry adhesive to secure the knot, allow it to cure, and cover with a hypoallergenic stainless steel crimp cover.


I cannot make any promises regarding any outcomes from your use of this item. I can assure you that the materials have been chosen for their compatibility with the stated intention, and that I have infused the item with loving energy matching that intention. I have also asked Brighid for Her blessing, as I do with each piece that I make. I recommend that you also infuse the piece with your own intention when you receive it, before employing it for your intended use.

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Every piece that I make is an offering of energy and adoration to the goddess Brighid. She is my inspiration, my divine muse, my teacher, guardian and friend. I am so grateful that She has helped me to be able to share my work with you
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