Ancestors: A Prayer for Brighid

A prayer for Brighid, as yet unnamed...

I cut ties with both sides of my blood family years ago and Brighid has taken her place as my adopted mother. Spiritually, she and her priestesses are my ancestry.

Beloved mother Brighid,
priestesses who were here before me,
please come to me now.
Surround me, be with me
and work through me,
imbuing my soul and physical space
with your love, fire, and light.

Help me to heal myself
so that I may also help others
as I honor and serve you
with these hands, this heart,
my brightly burning soul.
Please help me to find the words,
the energy and strength,
to do your work and make you proud.

Gabhaim molta Brighdé.
(I praise Brighid.)

© Bri Crofton 2018


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